No More Superwomen – Why I’m Not Cheering for Buffy Wicks

Understanding Gender Equality Part I: "This Woman is a MF Boss!" The image of California state assemblywoman Buffy Wicks voting while holding her newborn last month seemed destined to go viral. That slightly harried-looking working mom, that one-month-old swaddled in a color-coordinated striped blanket – it was perfect clickbait. And in case you missed it, on August 31st Assemblywoman Wicks was voting late at night with a nursing baby in her arms because there were no provisions for proxy voting during maternity leave. Many news outlets and social media posts rightly chastised the California legislature for such rules, tsk-tsking them…

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Open Letter to Sarasota County and the City of Sarasota

Discrimination Lawsuits – There is a Better Way Sarasota County just paid $68,000 to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit, and reports indicate the City of Sarasota has paid $220,000 to settle similar claims in the past five years. The City is looking at ways to encourage employees to “express concerns” and will “emphasize the importance of speaking up.” This may be helpful, but there is a more direct approach. The City of Sarasota is already on that path. Cities for CEDAW* is a nationwide effort that provides tools and structures to help cities become more gender-equitable, proactively. The idea is…

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Join me Wednesday 9:30 AM WSLR 96.5

  We hear that women are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. What does that even mean? Isn't EVERYONE affected? And even if that is true, why is it an issue? Join me Wednesday, July 19th at 9:30 AM on the Peace and Justice Report, WSLR 96.5 Community Radio to find out all this and more. Bob Connors, Tom Walker, and I will help you sort out all you need to know about women and COVID-19.

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Join Me Tuesday July 14!

Join me for a webinar on Parenting and Gender Equity this Tuesday, July 14 at 1 PM Eastern. Montessori Family Life will be hosting this fun and informative discussion. "PARENTING TOWARD GENDER EQUITY" Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT Pre-registration required. Register here now! We'll talk about why awareness of gender equity is so important plus offer lots of practical tips. Tune in for ideas on gift-giving (pink toys? trucks?), what to do about those teenage slurs, how your attitude toward gender affects your child's reading, and why you might want to skip those gender-reveal parties. If you're a…

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TWE Film Festival

Sarasota Magazine: WOMEN IN FILM Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival Celebrates International Female Filmmakers The festival will showcase women-inspired films and celebrate International Women’s Day from March 6-8. By Allison Forsyth  2/27/2020 at 2:58pm Queen of Hearts Documentary Feature at the Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival. IMAGE: COURTESY PHOTO Herald Tribune: Through Women’s Eyes brings international female filmmakers, stories to Sarasota Your Observer WMNF Interview; Mary Glenney, March 5, 2020 WSLR Interview; Peace and Justice Report, February 26, 2020                    

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SPOILED – My Play Lives Again in 2020

You've thought about violence against women - but have you thought about it from the perspective of men? Men are, after all, the perpetrators the vast majority of the time. How can we possibly begin to understand the issue if we only look at half the picture? SPOILED, my vision for a play exploring this theme with examples from India and the US, came to fruition in 2015 when actor and playwright Elizabeth Hess crafted a one-woman show around the idea. But the issue is unfortunately pretty damn timeless, and the Hess Collective has been able to rework it to…

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Gender Activism: 4 Tips

[box] I spoke about activism - specifically, activism for gender equality - at the UN Women USA GCC lunch in October. For those who've asked for a reminder of my four activism tips, I offer the speech - tips and video. Good luck. Keep me posted.[/box] I want you to be an activist. Gender equality is important for everyone – it isn’t just something we do to be nice to women. Research shows that more gender-equal environments - communities, companies, countries – do better. More gender-equal communities have healthier children. More gender-equal companies have better returns for their shareholders.  More…

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