A Message to Corporate America

Companies – where are you!?  Asking on behalf of America’s women here!

Y’all just gonna let this Texas anti-abortion bill pass and do …nothing?

All you companies who pride yourselves on your “diversity,” all you companies who market to women, and all you companies who happily line up on breast cancer awareness month: where are you now?

You think you can sit this one out?! Y’all just gonna let this one slide because “it doesn’t affect you?” Do you really think this is about ‘religion’ so you should stay away from the issue? Please. Of course it’s not.

This is a fundamental across-the-board attack on women, especially, but not only, poorer, blacker, and browner women. But watch it, companies – we are all standing together on this one.

Oil companies are all over Texas – Halliburton, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, and their friends. Okay, I don’t expect you to line up with anyone except your own bottom line. You’re willing to let the planet be destroyed; no one expects more of you.

But Sysco – provider of food to America’s restaurants and schools? Dell? Hewlett-Packard? American Airlines? Kimberly-Clark? D.R. Horton, who probably built your suburban home? USAA – those ‘friendly’ insurers?

And you celebrity endorsers of all these products? We see your faces! Do you want to be associated with the most anti-female legislation in America? Really?

Boardrooms and PR teams: be on notice. I may be small, but I have many sisters. As far as I’m concerned, you can forget any flight on American, or investment in Sysco, or insurance with USAA, or that next HP product for Christmas.

Wake up, corporate America. You control legislators and you know it. Step up to the plate.

Prompted by Companies Stay Quiet on Texas’ New Abortion Law, New York Times, September 3, 2021.

PS Sports teams, you’re next.

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