The Dobbs Decision

June 24, 2022  Dobbs

Men, I’d like a word.

Women all over America are fucking pissed. Royally. Yes, at the Supreme Court and at Trump and McConnell and all the evangelicals who think they can create a theocracy. Those are easy targets.

And right now it seems we can’t touch them – but you can. And you don’t, including you centrist and liberal men. So now I’m supremely pissed at all of you too. You’re responsible. Why?

Because in this country men control things.

Remember? Men (that is, white men) have the money and the power and they run the corporations that control our government. Presumably, this is NOT a surprise to anyone. And you all have gotten a free ride for 50 years of Roe without lifting a freakin’ finger. You very conveniently let this be a “women’s issue” and stayed out of it.

But, um, excuse me? Last time Charles Darwin and I checked, men were very much needed for baby-making. But you opted out of the whole abortion scene. Very slick.

Well, we’re tired of carrying all the water on this one. My anger is now directed at you too, without apology. For the most part, y’all haven’t done shit when and where it really counted.

I know, I know, some companies are now broadcasting how they’ll help reimburse their employees for ‘pregnancy-related health care’, and others are making noise about how much they care, how terrible this is.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Because my guess is those same companies are still paying for members of Congress behind this shit, and because they never challenged state officials and Trump and the cast of characters who wanted to push a minority position on all of America in the first place. Because this was a “woman’s issue.”

I’m angry at the men who still fund the Senators who voted in these Justices. (Oh, and by the way, remember Anita Hill, President Biden? Maybe you should have listened to her then? Is it really THAT humiliating to believe a woman? Not even gonna mention Christine Blasey Ford here.)

And all you centrist men who didn’t like Trump but were so put off by Hillary Clinton? Grow the fuck up. Our democracy is literally on the brink, and we’re becoming a pariah among nations, the Taliban on the Potomac, because you couldn’t handle voting for a smart woman? Please.

So now, how about owning up and doing the right thing? Can you be directly, openly, and publicly out on this issue in all settings? If not, why the hell not? Women now have no choice. We can’t just ‘skip’ this one. Do you still think you should be able to?

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