Plastics – If You Socialize, Read This

Plastic Cups, Circa 2023 Informal fundraising lunches. Business dinners hosted in the office. Group get-togethers with cocktails and snacks. Chances are you’ve been to at least one of these functions. You slap on a name tag and wade into the crowd, chatting, perhaps making some new connections and becoming thoroughly inspired by the speaker. Or you enter and see no one you know, later nodding off after the artfully arranged dessert but during the way-too-long program. These things happen. You know what else probably happens? You’re probably awash in plastic. And I don’t mean the microplastics that are unseen and…

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Gender Equality in Schools: Specific Suggestions

Note - see also this important resources page to understand the issue better. Know your subconscious biases; they are powerful. Observe each other's interactions with a gender lens. Gender biases create a 'hidden curriculum' that instructs. Never highlight gender unnecessarily; before you say "boys and girls" or refer to "the man behind the desk" in a photograph, ask yourself: "Does gender matter?" It almost never does. Refrain from commenting on appearances, which are almost always gender-coded. Avoid single-sex groupings. Never let gender be used as a means of separating or excluding without comment. Don't put yourself down in gender-defined ways.…

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Together Women Rise: Systems change? To help women? What’s up with that?

Root causes, people, root causes = the real approach to social change. Because just treating symptoms is not enough. Achieving gender equality is a tough, long-term problem, which is why at Together Women Rise we want to spend our time on root causes, on changing the systems that aren't working. Together Women Rise November 2021.

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