SPOILED – the Film Version. Watch it NOW!

I first began developing the concept that would become
SPOILED when I lived in India.
I became convinced we needed to look at gender-based violence from a male perspective;
it was clear we needed to do more to understand how our societies produce attitudes
and behaviors so hostile to women and gender-nonconforming people.
Some of you will remember the premiere of SPOILED in 2015 in NYC.
Others will recall that UN Women USA was planning to promote a live showing of SPOILED in 2020 during CSW (pre-COVID!)
Yet events every day, every week, right here in the USA,
remind us of the power and prevalence of Gender-Based Violence.
So, now more important than ever, we have pivoted to a film version.

Streaming HERE this week only – FREE!


See the film version AND then watch my conversation with Eric McGriff about Gender-Based Violence and what can be done.
And after you’ve watched, send me your thoughts.
I look forward to hearing.
Thanks especially to The Hess Collective and LaMama.
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