Take a look at Sarasota and Cities for CEDAW!

Here's a perfect collaboration: one of my favorite schools - New Gate Montessori IB in Sarasota, Florida - and one of my favorite causes - Cities for CEDAW. What a team! The New Gate students created a PSA about our local CEDAW initiative. They did a brilliant job explaining exactly how this global topic applies directly to Sarasota residents. Take a look and stay tuned for more on the Cities for CEDAW initiative. And thanks to all these 11th-year students who donated time to help the local Chapter of UN Women-USNC.

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Progress? Progress!

Way back in November 2014  (wait, a year and a half ago; is that possible?) I wrote about the shame of menstruation, the last worst taboo. (See that post here. If you haven't read it, go back and do that now. I'll wait.) I have also spoken about the fact that sanitary hygiene products are taxed as luxury items in 40 states - unlike nearly all medications, Rogaine for men and, of course, viagra, all of which are untaxed 'necessities.' (See The Power of Love: Violence Against Women and What We Can Do About It.) So it is utterly delightful when…

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Gender Based Violence and V-Day

I was thrilled to present at "The Power of Love" V-Day event in Sarasota this year. V-Day is a global awareness movement to help end violence against women and girls. Created by playwright and activist Eve Ensler, V-Day events are now held in communities around the world. Here's my talk on Violence Against Women: What's Going On, Why, and What Can We Do About It. Stay tuned.    

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Two NGOs Working to End Child Marriage

A few statistics: it is estimated that 1 in 3 girls in the developing world marry before the age of 18 by 2050, there will be approximately 1.2 BILLION child brides India, with an estimated 10 million child brides, has more than the next 9 countries combined (see below) some child brides are as young as 8 or 9 Why is this a problem? it is a violation of human rights and, in most countries, is illegal it is a key driver of pregnancy and childbirth complications in girls 15 - 19 it puts girls at greater risk of domestic…

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United Nations Association – Tampa Bay

We started collaborating with the Tampa Bay Chapter of UNA very early on in our work for CEDAW Sarasota. They were also interested in a Cities for CEDAW movement. The UNA/ Tampa Bay Chapter is large, diverse, well-organized, and well funded. Their approach to an ordinance movement is necessarily very different, but our long-term goals are the same. See my short article in their most recent newsletter, below or here. CEDAW Update CEDAW – What is it and why should I care? By: Elizabeth Scott Osborne. Esq., Chair – Cities for CEDAW, Gulf Coast Chapter – UN Women/USNC CEDAW is the Convention on…

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Film Festivals – Through Women’s Eyes and Sarasota Film Festival

The Film Festivals are back! The 17th Annual Sarasota Film Festival is April 1 - 10 this year and once again the Through Women's Eyes Film Festival will take place on the opening weekend, April 2 and 3.  Both festivals continue to attract stronger and more diverse submissions every year with many entries going on to successful mainstream runs. The Through Women's Eyes (TWE) Festival is run entirely by volunteers of the Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women-USNC and is a major fundraiser for the Chapter. We are delighted to combine a fantastic selection of films with a fundraiser for the…

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Nirbhaya: Three Years Later

December 16 is the 3rd anniversary of the horrific attack and rape of Jyoti Singh, later called Nirbhaya, in a neighborhood not far from where were living in Delhi. She died of her wounds shortly after, galvanizing a movement in India to speak up about the prevalence of violence against women. The outcry garnered international attention, a critically acclaimed play ("Nirbhaya") and a fine film, banned in India, ("India's Daughter".)  The event was very much the backdrop for SPOILED, the play I created last year. Today, however, three years on, it is clear that meaningful change will be slow at…

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Cities for CEDAW Sarasota: FAQs

CEDAW Sarasota  Promoting Women’s Equality in Our Community What is CEDAW? CEDAW is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. It is an international convention establishing principles of women’s equality. The Cities for CEDAW program works to implement these same principles in cities across the USA.  Who is behind Cities for CEDAW here in Sarasota? More than 200 civic and religious organizations have endorsed CEDAW nationwide. In each city, one or more non-partisan civic groups take the lead in advocating for its local adoption. In Sarasota, the Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women/USNC is the…

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Better Late Than Never

To file under the "ya think?" category, this from our friends at the New York Times: A Growing Disenchantment with October Pinkification. During this month's pinkification of every-single-thing, I bit my tongue. Last October was my first fall in the USA in a while, and the pink-washing hit me full force. Then I spouted off enough to alienate numerous friends and colleagues. If you missed it, read my post on that here. So this year I was mum. Well, almost. But now the mainstream media has decided it's time to ratchet back the glowing pink-licity, so perhaps the tide has turned. As…

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