Gender Equality in Schools: Specific Suggestions

Note - see also this important resources page to understand the issue better. Know your subconscious biases; they are powerful. Observe each other's interactions with a gender lens. Gender biases create a 'hidden curriculum' that instructs. Never highlight gender unnecessarily; before you say "boys and girls" or refer to "the man behind the desk" in a photograph, ask yourself: "Does gender matter?" It almost never does. Refrain from commenting on appearances, which are almost always gender-coded. Avoid single-sex groupings. Never let gender be used as a means of separating or excluding without comment. Don't put yourself down in gender-defined ways.…

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Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival 2023

  Highlights from our 24th Annual Festival on March 9-13, 2023,  included 12 visiting filmmakers, a wonderful Friday night opener introduced by Ringling College President Dr. Larry Thompson, Saturday speakers including pro-choice activist Paxton Smith and Dr Sujatha Prabhakaran (Planned Parenthood Southwest and Central Florida,) yummy food and, of course, so many great films.                

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