Systems change? To help women? What’s up with that?

Root causes, people, root causes = the real approach to social change. Because just treating symptoms is not enough. Achieving gender equality is a tough, long-term problem, which is why at Together Women Rise we want to spend our time on root causes, on changing the systems that aren't working. Together Women Rise November 2021.

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La Violencia – Justice in Guatemala?

  The civil war in Guatemala officially ended in 1996, but like many deeply rooted disputes about power, land, and control, this one seems not to have really ended. Reconciliation, justice, and reparations are slow to come, and a violent life is still the norm for many in Guatemala. At the always-wonderful Through Women's Eyes Film Festival in Sarasota this weekend I saw La Violencia, directed by Til Frohlich and Pia Janning, a documentary about the toll of the civil war on the Mayans of Guatemala. Many women bravely spoke up uring the trial of former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt. They detailed…

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