Lady Pockets

Satire Any Feminist Will Love If you haven't found Lady Pockets, yet, look it up.  It's the brainchild of Philadelphia-based costume designer and writer Katherine Fritz, clearly a woman with a sense of humor.  If you're a reader of women's magazines - or even a supermarket aisle browser - you'll get her take. Any woman who can find even a vein of humor in the frightening Hobby Lobby decision is okay in my book, and the fact that she works the obsessive adult arts and crafts movement into a recent post doesn't hurt either. I mean, really, "Get the Look" posts…

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Are Women in India Safer Today?

Here's the question: after the wave of publicity following the Delhi rape of December 2012, and actions by the government in response, how's it going?  Do women feel safer?  Might they actually BE safer? Thanks to the fantastic work of ICRW - the International Center for Research on Women - we may soon know. In 2012, an ICRW survey asked about public safety in Delhi. The results found that 90% of women and girls had experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. Ninety percent?  Did you catch that right?  In my book, that's pretty close to everyone.  That should…

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