Roger Angell

Born September 19, 1920, steeped in the family business and sports, he is a national treasure.  The family business is The New Yorker, and the sport is, of course, baseball. His parents were Katherine Angell White, the accomplished longtime fiction editor of The New Yorker and Earnest Angell, a lawyer and one-time head of the American Civil Liberties Union.  So he comes by accomplishment naturally.  But step-father E.B. White is the name that is famous, so Angell's close connection to E.B. White is how many people know him. Roger Angell is 93 and still writing.  This Old Man appears in…

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Culturama Magazine

Culturama Magazine - November 2013 Very Special Arts India (VSAI) was the topic of my article in the November  2013 issue of Culturama, a prominent magazine highlighting living in India for the Indian and expatriate audience alike. Very Special Arts India provides art opportunities and life skill opportunities for the differently abled. Read the full article - page 63 - here.

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