Women Migrants

Discrimination against women seems to occur even on the move: more and more women are engaged in 'desperation migration,' according to William Lacy Swing, Director of the International Organization for Migration, where they are far more likely than men to encounter physical risk and violence. Though women migrate for many reasons, poverty and pervasive gender bias chief among them, women often find themselves victims of even further discrimination later in the migration cycle.  Unskilled and undocumented women are supremely vulnerable to physical violence, sex trafficking, and the predations of a single employer who can threaten deportation. The ranks of women…

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ORF Conference on Women and Safe Cities

On Wednesday I'll be attending the ORF (Observer Research Foundation) conference on women in cities Half a Billion Locked In: Perspectives on Safe Cities and Women Empowerment. ORF strives to provide a forum for reasoned debate and policy formulation on the key issues confronting India today.  The ability of women in India - those half a billion! - to move freely without unreasonable fear is fundamental not only for human and civil rights but also for economic development, educational advances, health care, and political participation.

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“SPOILED?” – Theatre

Work continues on the development of Spoiled? (working title), a play exploring violence against women (VAW) and images of masculinity in India and the USA.  In collaboration with actor and playwright Elizabeth Hess, we hope to bring this to the stage, somewhere in the US, by next November. The seeds of this project were sown a few years ago, but we finally got together last December and a plan emerged.  See more under my Current Projects tab and stay tuned for updates.

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Petition to End Child Marriage

Equality Now Girls under 18 are forced into marriage throughout the world. Equality Now has been on the forefront of advocacy to end this practice.  "It is a human rights violation that legitimizes abuse of girls under the guise of culture, honor, tradition and religion. When a young girl is married and gives birth, a vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, curtailed education, violence, instability and legal and other discrimination begins." You can help: sign the petition.  This will be presented in June to governments attending the Human Rights Council session. Read more about how you can help Equality Now here.

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UPDATE First reading of SPOILED Friday September 26  - 7 PM Theaterlab 357 West 36th Street NYC, 3rd Floor Performed by Elizabeth Hess, Talkback after the performance moderated by Karen Hilbe   A Performance in Pre-Production What Are We Doing to Our Men? An Exploration of Men’s Attitudes and Gender-Based Violence Summary: SPOILED: A theatrical exploration of masculine self-image and its connection to violence against women (VAW) in India and the USA. Project in Development: What’s up with men these days? In India and the US, the world’s largest democracies, recent acts of violence against women have catapulted onto the…

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As a big fan of women in sport, it's always been discouraging to see the absence of sport in the lives of most Indian girls.  Not at all surprising, mind you, but discouraging - I felt the absence. It's a thrill to see Yuwa-India develop.  Yuwa gets how important sports for girls can be. The confidence, courage, and connectedness that sports can bring are felt throughout all aspects of life. Do read more about Yuwa-India here

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C4AC – Cocktails for a Cause February 7

C4AC In Gurgaon February 7: Our Second Annual 'School Lunches for Diksha' was a great success.  Diksha provides hot school lunches for each child - almost 200 - every day.  For many children this is the only hot meal they get.  Partygoers raised over 54,000 INR on Friday alone. Contributions can be made at the AWA Delhi office throughout February or anytime directly to Diksha.  Many thanks to Richa for hosting and to Shanta, the fearless leader of Diksha, for coming and telling us more about the school.  

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