SPOILED – My Play Lives Again in 2020

You’ve thought about violence against women – but have you thought about it from the perspective of men? Men are, after all, the perpetrators the vast majority of the time. How can we possibly begin to understand the issue if we only look at half the picture?

SPOILED, my vision for a play exploring this theme with examples from India and the US, came to fruition in 2015 when actor and playwright Elizabeth Hess crafted a one-woman show around the idea. But the issue is unfortunately pretty damn timeless, and the Hess Collective has been able to rework it to include stories from Turkey and Chile, and it’s no longer one-woman show.

Join us for a SPOILED Fundraising Reading at TheaterLab on January 7th at 7 PM!
A diverse ensemble of female performers will present different stories from the SPOILED canon. All proceeds go towards the upcoming world premiere at La MaMa. Special thanks to Orietta Crispino & TheaterLab for graciously donating the space. Reading will last 1hr with a reception immediately following. 


Next stop, LaMaMa in April.

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Suzy Eppley
Suzy Eppley
4 years ago

From a man’s perspective but women on stage?

Elizabeth Scott Osborne
Elizabeth Scott Osborne
4 years ago
Reply to  Suzy Eppley