SPOILED: Backer’s Reading January 14

SPOILED, the theatrical performance I’ve been working on for over a year, is on the way to the stage.  Read on and please, help us produce this work!

Performance and Tax-deductible Donations: See Stage Left Studio

(Contributions to Cheryl King, our Producer. Note “Spoiled” in the Artist line.)

The issue: We know that rigid gender roles contribute greatly to violence against women.

But we’ve found that rigid and distorted gender roles really damage both sexes – so we need to understand and involve men in conversations about the roots of this violence. By looking at events in the world’s two largest democracies, America and India, we probe the mindsets behind modern crimes such as rapes on college campuses, assaults in the military, and harassment on public transportation. Help us give a fresh voice to this complex but critically important topic by bringing our powerful and moving play, SPOILED, to the stage.

The show: A one-woman performance told from the male point of view. The play sheds light on real events by embodying the personal violence plaguing our societies today. The audience response to initial readings last September convinced us that SPOILED opens both hearts and minds and leads to great conversations. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen – a transformative experience in 60 minutes!

The process: Elizabeth Scott Osborne, a teacher and international development specialist living in India since 2011, joined with actor and playwright Elizabeth Hess to bring SPOILED to life. They traveled together in India last year, interviewing women and men, talking with academics and activists, and fusing those impressions with their knowledge of the issue in the USA.

 The people: We have a stellar team on board. Ms. Hess breathes stunning life into soulful and searing portrayals of ten gripping encounters. Ms. Osborne offers astute insights into how and why this violence occurs and how to engage men and boys in the search for solutions. Julie Kline, our director, shapes solo performances with particular sensitivity and an experienced eye and Cheryl King, producer, is a champion of award-winning solo works and has reserved Stage Left Studio for four workshop performances in February.

We need to raise at least $10,000 by January 16 for our performances to take place.

Please, this is your part:

  • Donate: make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount. These funds will permit us to mount the four workshop performances in February. We’ll gratefully include your name on our promotional materials. See link below.
  • Experience the play: attend the reading on Wednesday January 14 at 7:30. See link below for performance details.
  • Spread the word: send this to other interested people and pass their contacts to us. We’re happy to contact them directly!
  • Save a date: Live performances are scheduled for February 15, 16 & 17. Mark your calendars now.

ATTEND: Stage Left Studio (www.stageleftstudio.net under Upcoming Shows)

DONATE: http://thefield.org/form/make-donation?sa=588992 (Note SPOILED on the link, please.)

MORE INFORMATION: scott@elizabethscottosborne.com