A Mighty Girl





Does A Mighty Girl (www.amightygirl.com) really have the world’s largest collection of books, toys, music, and movies for “smart, confident, and courageous girls”? Well, I can’t prove that ‘world’ claim, but it’s the best compilation I’ve seen in a long, long time.

imagesFor those of you who go nuts at the still prevalent stereotypical female roles in movies and wonder why entirely pink aisles in toy stores persist or wish there were more books about girls doing interesting things – and not just forced pedantic bios of Marie Curie – this website is a godsend. In addition to all those books, toys, music and movies, they have great parenting advice, a book club, back-to-school items, even clothes. You can search by age, interest, superhero, theme, price, award winners, charitable tie-ins, and much more.

WAIT! If you are thinking: ‘I only have sons or grandsons…’ don’t stop reading. It matters how you raise those sons and grandsons, nephews and students. We need the next generation of men to be mindful humans – so read on. All the stuff here would be great for ANY family, not just families with girls.

Teachers take note. Wonderful classroom ideas are here too, the kinds of things you won’t find in the average teacher’s catalogue plus book lists of all types. Or suggest the Book Clubs for your students.  They begin at age six and go right through the teen years.

41xitv9x3hl_1_Parents and grandparents, you’ll find tons of suggestions for toys, family games, parenting books, even music selections for all ages. And no, the music is not all the “Free to Be You and Me” genre. Plenty of top-drawer pop stars make the lists. Clothing finds include Rosie the Riveter socks, Frozen pajamas, Charlotte’s Web T-shirts. So everyone, skip the Toys R’Us and buy holiday gifts that count.

And if you need any more reminders of why helping girls see themselves as complex and capable creatures is important, read either Lisa Bloom’s article in the Huffington Post “How to Talk to Little Girls,” or Kasey Edwards’ plea to stop objectifying her daughter “The Best Ice-Breakers for Girls.” Then perhaps you’ll think twice before reliably and consistently remarking on a girl’s appearance/clothes/hair. Yes, we know you mean well, and she probably does look pretty, but it’s just not helpful. Truly. Do a girl a favor for life.