Montessori Leadership Magazine: Gender Equity in the Classroom: What it Looks Like and What You Can Do

Gender Equity in the Classroom: What it Looks Like and What You Can Do

Montessori Leadership, Q3 2020

(Published Q3 2020) Read my suggestions for helping the next generation be more gender-equitable, published in the new edition of Montessori Leadership, available online and on your local newsstand now.

Especially designed for teachers and educational professionals, but the tips are accessible and useful for all parents, caregivers, even generic humans. Because who doesn’t interact with a child sometime in their life?

Spoiler alert: gender stereotypes are pervasive and harmful for children, preventing them from becoming the most healthy, balanced, unique, wonderful individuals they can be.

  • Girls as young as seven report feeling they cannot say or do what they want because of gender stereotyping.[i]
  • Fully 80% of girls report having been on a diet by age ten.[ii]
  • By high school, on average, boys are receiving lower grades; in the US men receive fewer bachelor’s degrees.[iii]
  • As adults, men tend to die younger, commit suicide more often and suffer poorer health than women.[iv] and
  • Adult attitudes and language can change this!
Full article available here: GE in the Classroom – Montessori Leadership



The same report notes that 87% of female TV characters ages 10 – 17 are below average weight.
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