Sewa Ashram/Delhi House

It’s over an hour from central Delhi to Sewa Ashram on the northern edge of the city. Here 125 destitute men – not just the poor, but men who are ill and the mentally physically or disabled – are given treatment, a home, food, and comfort.  Tuberculosis and HIV patients dominate.  Most men are picked up from the streets, but some are left at the door to Sewa Ashram.  This is human care for those who have no one – and where there is no safety net.

Hospital beds are perched around in the courtyard. One older man does not speak – apparently at all – but is sitting on a charpoy next to a very disabled and mentally challenged young man: the older man pats him, settles his restless groping, adjusts his blankets.  All day.  The comfort of human touch.

On behalf of AWA/Outreach we brought both funds – money had been approved for a new gas cooker – and items: donated clothing, medicines,  some cooking implements.

Sewa Ashram also hosts a small day care for children of rag-pickers: most of these children would have no where to go. We had some donated children’s items for them.

What is done at this center is

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