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President Jimmy Carter

carterPresident Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center have a long history of diving into unpopular causes.  His diplomatic efforts stretch from the Sudan to the Middle East, Haiti, Bosnia, and North Korea.  He has taken on, and stuck with, programs to eradicate Guinea Worm and schistosomiasis in West Africa, two diseases which are incredibly debilitating and can be prevented but do not make it to the priority list of governments and foundations looking for sexy, technology-oriented new initiatives.

He has supported legalized abortion in the US and demonstrated that a deeply religious person can support that position. He has promoted Habitat for Humanity and shown how modest amounts of personal labor can make a huge difference to others.  In 2000, he severed his ties with the Southern Baptist Convention because of its positions on women and since then he has become increasingly vocal about many forms of discrimination against women worldwide.

His new book deals directly with topics that go right to the issue of women’s positions in the 21st century.  He challenges the military, religious leaders, and universities to address longstanding injustices toward women.  The book  “addresses the suffering inflicted upon women by a false interpretation of carefully selected religious texts and a growing tolerance of violence and warfare.”

One recent interview with President Carter on this topic is from HuffPost Live and is worth listening to. The book is already  here in New Delhi and I looking forward to picking up my copy today. I am sure book signings will be at many wonderful independent bookstores throughout the US.