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New Facts

New facts:

IMG_1209– The Nehru Museum is free, but the Planetarium Star Show (Hindi or English) is not. I discovered this today with six girls from Holy Family Asha Niwas.

– The first Indian in space was in a Soyuz capsule.

– You can picnic on the lawn in FRONT of the museum, but not in back.  There is no apparent reason.

– Elements (i.e. helium, hydrogen, carbon – think early universe formation) seem to have no Hindi translation.

IMG_1192– Flowers appear in parks that seemed nothing but trash merely weeks ago. Tiny vest-pocket pieces of greenery have exploded in color overnight; this brief spring coincides with Holi and is much appreciated.  If nothing else it helps us to forget the horrendous air quality and visibility we experience the rest of the year when the view resembles more a nuclear-winter grey soup then an English garden.



IMG_1182– And yes, Deadmau5 came to Delhi.  These ads delighted my neighborhood shopping area for weeks.