Montessori: Thank You

imgresAs a long-time fan of Maria Montessori, a certified Montessori teacher, and a Montessori parent, I am still surprised how few people know about the approach.  images-1It must be education’s best-kept secret.

If the SXSW EDU conference is starting to cover it, though, perhaps a new wave of Montessori learners is in the works.  Listen and read about efforts to expand Montessori in public schools, especially in Texas, here.

imagesTo learn more about Building the Pink Tower and their approach to creating a documentary about Montessori schools and helping spread Montessori, check here.

Stay tuned for more about the Montessori approach and its expansion into business and management (is this a good thing?), why it conflicts with public-education’s push into privately managed online-learning, and how it correlates nearly perfectly with what people say they want out of education.